What is a “corretraca”? And a “globotà”?

These days we’re posting some information about Fallas, the festival of Valencia, and one of the most important of Spain.

Art, music and fireworks are the main elements of this colourful and noisy festival. Yes, noisy… Because Fallas means firecrackers everywhere (children throw them in the streets) and fireworks as well.

The most famous activity of the Fallas festival is the mascletà, a sort of fireworks that takes place at midday. The most famous ones are located at the Town Hall square, but each neighbourhood has a mascletà. For Valencian people, it sounds as music: the mascletà has its own rhythm, it’s like a sort of symphony. This one is from my hometown, l’Eliana.

Another midday firework is the “corretraca” (in English, that would be something as “running firecracker“). In the corretraca there are firecrackers that run around the neighborhood or village.

And Children have their own mascletà: the globotà (a funny word that mixes the Spanish word for “ballon” and “mascletà”). It is madre of balloons that children have to poke. That is a quite new tradition that children really love!