Online lessons



They are ideal for those who do not have time to attend classes in a language school. With our classes you will save time on trips as you will enjoy your class at home, at the office or wherever you prefer. On your computer screen you will find a native speaker with experience in teaching Spanish and ability in e-learning.

Online lessons are designed to develop oral expression and oral comprehension skills. They are suitable for those who already have some knowledge of the language (pre-intermediate to advanced levels). Thanks to them you will improve your spoken Spanish (fluency, intonation, pronunciation, vocabulary) and you will gain self-confidence.

We use Skype for our Spanish online lessons. The student schedule with the teacher the timetable of the lesson and the teacher will prepare it according to your interests and needs. The student will receive the material for the lesson before it takes place. Remember our courses are flexible and tailor-made!

During the lesson you’ll work all oral skills: expression, comprehension and interaction work. The teacher will correct the student mistakes in real time, whether in grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation (thanks to the chat featured in Skype). We will use different sources in order to make our classes interesting and insipiring: ads, newspaper articles, radio podcast, photos, videos, songs, webquests, etc.