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My name is Ruth Bardisa, and I’m a Spanish teacher based in Valencia, Spain.

I have been teaching since 2013, and have worked with students from around the world, from complete beginners to advanced.

I am passionate about languages, travel, arts and culture. This is the perfect job for me because I enjoy meeting people and learning about different cultures. As a Spanish teacher, I can travel around the world without ever leaving Valencia!

Many of my students are expats who have moved to my home town. I love introducing them to the Spanish way of life and helping them not only with their language skills but also the local culture and lifestyle. To me learning Spanish is much more than just learning the language.

My lessons are all tailor-made according to my students’ needs, and I offer a range of different styles – from private lessons to online.

If you’re looking to start your Spanish language experience, or work towards improving your level of Spanish, contact me today.