My lessons are all tailor-made and I prepare them according to my student’s needs.

Whether you are moving to Spain or learning for business, travel or academic purposes, I will design a plan that works for you.

I provide students with all lesson materials and use a range of interesting and inspiring resources.

Private lessons (individual or pairs)

I really think the best choice to learn Spanish is private tutoring, face to face or online, so I can focus better on my student needs, the areas he or she would like to improve or struggles with (speaking, vocabulary, grammar or understanding of Spanish).

Learning a new language has to be interesting and fun. That’s why I use a wide range of interesting and inspiring resources in my lessons (newspaper articles, interactive games, flashcards, grammar and vocabulary activities, worksheets, etc). 

I also prepare students to succeed in DELE or SIELE exams or to focus on specific topics, like business or sports vocabulary. I have years of experience preparing students for official exams and teaching Spanish to sport people! 

Online lessons

Ideal for students who do not have time to attend classes in a language school. With my classes you will save time on trips and can enjoy your class at home, at the office or wherever you prefer. As my private lessons, they are tailored, very structured and a 100% focused on my students academic needs. We practice all language skills, such as speaking, vocabulary, grammar or understanding of Spanish. My first goal as a teacher is building up your confidence and make you speak Spanish from the very first lesson!

Corporate lessons

Private or groups. Adapted to the company needs.