“If you want to learn or to improve your Spanish, then one of the best things you can do is to work with Ruth as your teacher. After a couple of sessions where she assessed my proficiency, (which for me was an absolute basic level of Spanish), she structured a plan that would help me improve, based on my personal goals. We’ve been working together a little over 2 months, all online, and I feel so much more confident in that short space of time. One of the things I especially like is she acts as the scribe for all of our sessions. I literally take no notes at all- everything we discuss, including any new words, phrases, grammar rules, etc., are all captured and quickly typed by her in real-time as we go through each lesson, including multiple practical examples, all of which she sends to me afterward. This means we can pack so much more into each session, and she doesn’t miss a thing. Her English is perfect too, which really helps, and when you throw in that she’s a super nice person, makes for 6 stars if I could.” John Kielty. IT expert. Ireland.

“I started working with Ruth several months before our move to Valencia.  Her website really spoke to my needs, and I’ve since found her to be a wonderful teacher.  I wasn’t a complete beginner in Spanish, but I also hadn’t taken classes in many years.  Ruth quickly figured out my level and structured our private lessons to build on my foundation while also filling in my gaps.  More than that, Ruth helped prepare me in many ways for our new life in Spain – learning about Valencia and the surrounding towns, the school system, transportation, food & dining out, and the general rhythm of family life in Spain, which is so different from other countries.  I couldn’t be happier and would enthusiastically recommend Ruth to anyone needing to learn Spanish and to prepare for a new life in Spain!” Andrew Percey. Advertising Agency Owner. USA

“We moved to Valencia and immediately started Spanish lessons with Ruth almost daily. We had never learnt a language before. Ruth is very kind and patient and her classes are always entertaining and fun.  Each class is different so never boring, sometimes just talking, other times doing exercises and other times playing games. Now we are able to speak, listen and read in Spanish with ease.”. Julie & Phil Neville. Entrepreneur & English former footballer. 

“I look forward to Ruth’s Spanish lessons every week. If you read all the testimonials you will find the common thread which is completely true. Ruth is an excellent, kind and patient teacher.  She is also genuinely interested in her students. Not only will you learn to speak Spanish well, you will learn it through a fun, open and an unbiased lens of Spanish Culture.  Ruth has made learning a language truly enjoyable!” Dominique Maingard. Entrepreneur. South Africa.

“It is tough juggling work and classes but Ruth always kept classes interesting and something to look forward to. She also plans the progression of classes at a reasonable pace, which keeps me engaged. Her classes have helped me to settle into Valencia comfortably, and aided me tremendously in my work where the Spanish language is a prerequisite. I would definitely recommend Ruth to those who are serious about picking up the Spanish language.” Sean Bai. Former General Director Valencia CF Academy. Singapore. 

“We were really lucky to find Ruth and now have her us our Spanish teacher! She is excellent in so many ways not only as a great and patient teacher but also and more importantly as a human being! She is so open and giving in such a natural way that from day one you like her company and she makes you feel sure that you will soon learn to read and write Spanish fluently!” Nanna and Eggert Magnusson. Former Executive Chairman West Ham United. Iceland. 

“I moved to Spain and knew it was vital in order to help me settle in to pick up the language as quick as I could. For this I owe a big thanks to Ruth. With her methods of teaching and my application we quickly got to work and was having people complimenting my level of Spanish after very little time. Having a variety of learning techniques to keep it interesting and fun and most of all being a nice genuine loving person I owe Ruth a big thank you for helping me get my Spanish to the level it is today”. Mathew Ryan. Professional footballer. Australia.